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The SOHO Vision

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SOHO Hair Academy is focused on the future. Our standards for advancement, passionate and experienced Educators, and supportive culture that values growth, community, and personal integrity are keys to success. The beauty industry changes fast. You don’t need a beauty school with decades of history, you deserve a hair academy with VISION!

We are proud to introduce SOHO Hair Academy, a reimagined cosmetology program designed to grow new leaders for the beauty industry. The Academy will expand education beyond the Historical State Board curriculum and bring an unprecedented level of business acumen to inspire a new generation of beauty professionals to become local business employers and leaders. It is time to heal the stigma that beauty professionals do not make a livable wage working together.

At the heart of SOHO Hair Academy is love

We knew we had to do something as we watched the beauty community struggle to sustain and redefine itself. At the heart of SOHO Hair Academy is love. Love for this industry is the magic that unites, grows, heals and cures. SOHO Academy is committed to putting differences aside, advocating for each other’s basic human rights, and becoming better allies.

The SOHO Vision

A group of young people from Soho Hair Academy posing for a photo.

Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance

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SOHO Hair Academy is proud to be the partner and director of the Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance. SOHO Academy’s Founder Somer Krueger began developing and directing the Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance in 2017. The OFW Beauty Alliance provides complimentary hair and makeup services to the fashion Designers that have been chosen to showcase at Omaha Fashion Week.

Omaha Fashion Week is the nation’s 5th largest fashion week and the only fashion week with a dedicated facility that creates an opportunity for designers to show without fees. The vision for the Beauty Alliance was to incubate the newest talent in the beauty industry and showcase THE BEAUTY ARTS to the community as a viable career path. 

The Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance allows Somer to bring 100+ students and 30+ professionals from across the midwest each season to create the runway looks for emerging, featured and famous national headlining fashion designers. Students and Alumni from SOHO Academy will have the premier opportunity each season to produce hair and makeup for the runway. 

Somer and her team are able to create a safe place that is well organized for models to have their hair and makeup done. Creating teams of students from all cosmetology schools in the midwest that are paired with a professional hair or makeup mentor.

Growing Beauty Professionals into Future Industry Leaders

Somer’s leadership and award winning salon teams from Trios and XOXO Salons bring the loving culture backstage. Serving others creates a peaceful experience and their professional mentoring shows everyone what’s possible. 

Through this amazing event they have been able to inspire many new students to attend cosmetology school, show parents the beauty of the fashion community and create an alliance with salon owners in the metro area. SOHO Hair Academy is working to grow beauty professionals into future industry leaders!

(Trios and XOXO Salons have used the opportunity of the Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance as a first impression to work with students and have attracted 90%+ of their new hires through this program! They donate time and resources to this cause because it makes a difference for the industry, community and helps grow their business.)

Challenges To Our Industry

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It is time to heal the stigma that beauty professionals do not make a livable wage working together.

Corporate hourly franchise salons are everywhere but struggle to provide a sustainable wage for their licensed employees, potentially forcing cosmetologists to default on student loans and find other employment to make ends meet. 

Antiquated salons with poor business practices and little to no financial stability are poaching stylists from other salons. Owners are hiding behind the chair without a leadership/legacy plan and are creating a generation of desperate stylists looking for a community they can trust.

The Beauty Industry is Being Led by Outsiders

Real estate developers are capitalizing on frustrated stylists and overdeveloping single use suite spaces that are under-used and overpriced. Stylists are struggling alone to learn all the rules and regulations of owning a business, understand taxes, laws, budgets, and inventory plus finding time to maintain enough hours behind the chair. Their guest communication, marketing and new business potential suffers while they struggle to maintain a work-life balance.  The suite model has elevated landlords’ empires and has driven the professionals further away from the community they crave. 

World-wide corporations have swallowed up hair product manufacturers and distribution. They have replaced local sales relationships with spreadsheets, live education with online videos and dehumanized small business. Prices continue to escalate rapidly and the financial impact has been devastating to local salons. 

It’s Time For A Change!

Challenges To Our Industry

A pink alarm clock on a pink background with a touch of beauty.
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Your Master Education Begins NOW

At SOHO Hair Academy we are committed to the future of beauty and believe everyone deserves a voice. We empower our students with the knowledge and skills to provide a sustainable, professional path that makes a profound difference in other people's lives through a career in cosmetology. - SOHO Academy Mission Statement