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SOHO Hair Academy - Council Bluffs, Iowa

We are over the moon that you are interested in a career in cosmetology and barbering! Every year the demand grows for newly licensed professionals. We are excited to create a safe, sustainable academy where educators that have mastered their craft can educate new students. SOHO Hair Academy in Council Bluffs Iowa is a Nationally Accredited, environmentally friendly cosmetology school on a mission to leave the world and humans better than we found them.

Student Hours And Schedules

Student Hours
Weekdays only.

Mon 9:00-2:30 pm
T-TH 9:00-5:00 pm
Fri 9:00-2:30 pm
2024/2025 Iowa Start Dates*
January 8, 2024
February 19, 2024
April 8, 2024
May 20, 2024
July 15, 2024
September 9, 2024
October 21, 2024
January 6, 2025
February 17, 2025
March 31, 2025
May 19, 2025
July 7, 2025
September 8, 2025
October 20, 2025
2024 Holidays and Breaks
Teacher In Service April 1
Memorial Day May 27
Summer Break July 4-5
Teacher In Service July 8
Fall Break September 2-7
Thanksgiving Break November 28-29
Teacher In Service December 2
Winter Break December 23 to January 3

Iowa Cosmetology and Barbering Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee : $100
Cosmetology and Barber Kit: $2,775
Sales Tax on Kit : $194
Tuition : $22,131
Total : $25,200
Financial Aid Information

Iowa Cosmetology and Barbering Course

The SOHO Hair Academy cosmetology and barbering course is 1800 hours of study that meets Iowa and Nebraska State Board standards, including 540 hours of cosmetology theory and 1110 hours of supervised practical instruction. This course covers all the basics, from hair sculpture and design, permanent waving and coloring, nail care, skin care, makeup and Iowa sanitation law. You'll also learn invaluable skills in business management and client relations that will help you succeed in the professional world.

*Cosmetology is identified by the Standard Occupational Classification under SOC Code 39-5012.00. This course will be taught in English; the catalog and enrollment contract are in English.

Cosmetology School Goals and Phases

SOHO Hair Academy's Cosmetology and Barbering course is a comprehensive program consisting of 1800 clock hours, designed to prepare students for obtaining licenses in Barbering and Cosmetology Arts and Sciences in Iowa and meeting the hour requirement for reciprocity in Nebraska. The program focuses on enhancing speed and skill development, with students earning 35 hours per week and graduating in approximately 13 months.

Students start in Foundations, spending 6 weeks mastering foundational skills before moving to Senior Theory Units, where they cover various areas using the latest Milady CIMA digital curriculum. The program also includes hands-on experience on the Clinic Floor, advanced training in SOHO LABS, creative sessions in Senior Manikin LABS, and skill development through Skill Sheets. Additionally, students have the opportunity to earn hours in an approved Mentor salon and take the NIC cosmetology board remotely before graduation to facilitate obtaining licensure in Iowa promptly.


Your journey begins in Foundations where you will spend 6 weeks with a collection of Career and Masterclass instructors, gaining practical experience with live models and manikins. We believe that success stems from an understanding of the foundational purpose behind these skills. Foundations will prepare you for a written vocabulary exam, eight practical exams and two live haircutting model exams that must be passed with a minimum 80 percent score. You will master your skills over 210 hours before testing and transitioning to join the seniors on the clinic floor.

Senior Theory

Senior Theory utilizes the latest Milady CIMA digital curriculum edition on Google Chromebooks that are included in your kit. Our career instructors will cover 30+ areas over five units to prepare you for the Iowa State Board. The digital curriculum includes five micro-board exam prep tests and a Comprehensive Board Exam Prep Test with a 1000+ question bank.

Senior Clinic Floor

SOHO’s Clinic Floor offers a variety of hair services and has a diverse clientele to work with. Invite your friends and family to experience services and begin to grow your clientele. You will work under the supervision of Licensed Instructors to develop your consulting, styling, cutting, coloring, texturizing, business and relationship skills.

Senior LABS

Expanding on your theory and clinic floor experience is our SOHO LABS. Each segment is designed to help you master your technical and business skills and expand your career opportunities. LABS focuses on Technical Speed Work, Product Knowledge, Practical Testing, Healthy Living, Career Fairs and Hair Extension Education with BABE Hair Extensions.

Senior Manikin LABS

Creativity and mastery happen in the manikin labs. These classes are designed to give structure to completing your skill sheets along with fun creative skill development.

Skill Sheets

As a Senior student you will receive a Skill Sheet for each unit to enhance your practical skills. The diverse range of manikin skills will build muscle memory and tone, aiding you in mastering the required skills for success on the clinic floor, passing your senior practical exam and improving foundational skills essential for a career in Cosmetology and Barbering.

Mentoring Opportunity

Once you have completed all required work for graduation and are in good attendance and academic standing you will have the opportunity to earn 100 hours toward your clock hour program in an approved Mentor salon. You will be allowed to drape, shampoo, color, remove colors and perms, reception, perform inventory and assist stylists in sales. You will have an evaluation and a one on one mentoring session with your mentor.

Boards and Licensing

The State of Iowa offers the Board Test remotely. Students who have fulfilled all graduation criteria will be allowed at 1550 hours to sign up and take the NIC cosmetology board prior to graduation at 1800 hours. This enables students to obtain full licensure in the State of Iowa right after graduation.

Iowa Cosmetology and Barbering Course Outline

Draping, diseases and disorders of the scalp, wet styling, blow drying and iron curling and design, control and finishing techniques.

Includes study of theory and laws of color, levels and series of hair color, mixing and application of semi and permanent dyes, and lightening, dimensional coloring techniques, chemistry and product information.

Includes techniques and implements used in razor, scissor, clipper sculpting, analysis of facial features, hair characteristics, and client consultation.

Includes hair and scalp analysis, hair characteristics, consultation, sectioning and wrapping, chemistry and process, product information and product procedures.

Includes the study of body systems, muscles and nerves of the head, face and hand.

Includes preparation of guests, skin care products, facial procedure, skin conditions, diseases and disorders, packs and masks, brow arching and waxing, facial shapes and features and makeup application.

Includes table set up, manicure procedure, structure of the hands and nails, application of artificial nails and the study of nail diseases and disorders.

Includes materials and methods of construction, selection, fitting, blocking, cleaning, sculpting and styling. Basic understanding of hair additions including extensions, braids and hair pieces.

Hours of training used to customize and supplement the course for the student at the discretion of leadership based on trends.

Includes methods of sanitation and sterilization of equipment and safety procedures used in sculpting, design, perming, nail care, facials and tweezing, and shampooing.

Includes rules and regulations pertaining to health, safety, sanitation, professional conduct, and licensing and examination requirements.

Includes how to understand oneself and its effect on relationships, how to be more effective in daily work through positive attitudes, how to gain self confidence, how to set goals and manage time effectively.

Includes sales techniques, how to seek and obtain employment, payroll deductions, preparation of employment applications and resumes, business management, communication skills, laws and regulations governing salon operations, safety with respect to both designer and guest, desk and telephone procedures, dispensary operation.

Iowa Policies and Pre-Enrollment Disclosures

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