Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance

The Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance allows aspiring students and established professionals to explore their creativity and expand their portfolio by executing unique hair and makeup looks that they might not have the opportunity to do in schools or on everyday clients.

SOHO Hair Academy is proud to be the partner and director of the Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance. SOHO Academy’s Founder Somer Krueger began developing and directing the Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance in 2017. The OFW Beauty Alliance provides complimentary hair and makeup services to the fashion Designers that have been chosen to showcase at Omaha Fashion Week.

Growing Beauty Professionals into Future Industry Leaders

Omaha Fashion Week is the nation’s 4th largest fashion week and the only fashion week with a dedicated facility that creates an opportunity for designers to show without fees. The vision for the Beauty Alliance was to incubate the newest talent in the beauty industry and showcase THE BEAUTY ARTS to the community as a viable career path. Somer and her team create a safe space that is well organized for models to have their hair and makeup done. 

The Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance brings students and professionals together from across the midwest each season to create the runway looks for emerging, featured and famous national headlining fashion designers. Students and Alumni from SOHO Academy will have the premier opportunity each season to produce hair and makeup for the runway.
Through this amazing event they have been able to inspire many new students to attend cosmetology school, show parents the beauty of the fashion community and create an alliance with salon owners in the metro area. SOHO Hair Academy is working to grow beauty professionals into future industry leaders!

Trios Salon has used the opportunity of the Omaha Fashion Week Beauty Alliance as a first impression to work with students and have attracted 90%+ of their new hires through this program! They donate time and resources to this cause because it makes a difference for the industry, community and helps grow their business.
Group of people from a cosmetology school posing for a photo at the Omaha Fashion Week event.
A person getting their hair styled at a beauty salon, viewed through a circular lighting ring.Hair stylists working on models' hair at a beauty school event.Makeup artist applying beauty cosmetics to a client backstage.Two makeup artists styling a model's hair and adjusting her headpiece backstage at an Omaha beauty hair salon.
Makeup artist applying eyeshadow to a woman in a salon through a ring light.Guests mingling at a salon banquet event with decorative feather centerpieces.Person in a fur hat receiving a makeup touch-up at a salon before an event.A student from a cosmetology school in Omaha applying makeup in front of a mirror backstage.
A hairstylist from a hair salon applying makeup to a woman at an event.Stylist spraying product while teasing a client's voluminous hair at an Omaha hair salon.A stylist at a cosmetology school uses a lighter for hair treatment on a client.A woman is getting her hair styled at a beauty salon in Omaha.

Michael Pysh Photographer