The SOHO Vision

SOHO Hair Academy is focused on the future. Our standards for advancement, passionate and experienced Educators, and supportive culture that values growth, community, and personal integrity are keys to success. The beauty industry changes fast. You don’t need a beauty school with decades of history, you deserve a hair academy with VISION!

Welcome to this Magical Moment

Here, we believe in the power of growth, community, and personal integrity. We are more than just a school - we are a movement towards a brighter future for beauty professionals. Join us on this transformative journey, where love is the driving force that unites us all. Together, we will break barriers, redefine standards, and create a legacy of empowerment and excellence.

This is not just a program; this is a vision, a calling to shape the next generation of bold beauty leaders with purpose and compassion.
A person in an orange outfit forming frames with their fingers at a hair school.
  • Supportive culture valuing growth, community, and personal integrity
  • Personal, career, and business coaching
  • Current digital curriculum with practical techniques
  • Extensive recycling and zero-waste effort
  • Inspiring students to be future beauty professional leaders
  • Creating a safe space
  • Standards for experienced Educators
  • National network of opportunities
  • Beyond State Board curriculum education
  • Bringing business acumen to inspire new beauty professionals
  • Advocating for sustainable wages in the beauty industry
  • Emphasizing love as the core value uniting and healing the community
  • Commitment to unity, advocacy, and becoming better allies