The Omaha Salon Owners Alliance

The beauty industry is currently at a crossroads, facing a crisis driven by external corporate influence. The rise of single-use suite spaces, promoted by real estate developers, has led to a fragmentation within the industry. These spaces, while overpriced and underutilized, have enticed professionals in metro areas away from traditional salons, resulting in a loss of community and support.

The Beauty Industry is Being Led by Outsiders

As licensees navigate the intricacies of business ownership - including tax responsibilities and managing marketing and communication - their creative endeavors and client relationships often take a back seat, leading to a compromised work-life balance.

Licensed cosmetologists are struggling with low wages, worsened by the proliferation of corporate hourly franchise salons that fail to offer sustainable incomes. This financial pressure is pushing many stylists to their limits, forcing some to default on student loans or seek alternative employment opportunities. Corporate franchise groups are advocating against professionals by lobbying for deregulation at the state level and extreme reductions in required education, leaving the industry vulnerable.
A group of seven smiling women in black attire, fresh from a cosmetology school, posing together indoors.
Amid these challenges, there is a growing call for change throughout the industry. It is time to reassess business practices, renew the focus on building communities, and empower beauty professionals. In response to these industry shifts, Somer Krueger established the Omaha Salon Owners Alliance in January 2019 to connect local salon owners without corporate franchise ties. The majority of these owners are professionally licensed and have established salon businesses to mentor and cultivate new professionals. Employee-based salon owners offer the community security, employee benefits, local ownership, unique customized business models, and support for sustainability within the industry.

As an owners' alliance, we have the ability to connect, support, and enhance the demand for employment opportunities for licensed professionals in our salon establishments through a shared vision. We believe there is space for everyone and that our true competition lies in the challenges facing our industry together. The ongoing decline of the beauty community can be reversed through shared information, innovative ideas for the next generation, and encouragement during challenging times. The future of the industry depends on addressing these issues and fostering a more fair and supportive environment for all involved.