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 Nebraska Campus Licensing Requirements

SOHO Nebraska Graduation Requirements

For successful completion of the Cosmetology Program and to receive a diploma, a student must:

  1. Complete and pass Senior Practical and Written Exams with a minimum score of 80%.
  2. Complete and pass Foundations, Junior, Senior and Master Skills sheets.
  3. Fulfill minimum grade and class attendance requirements for written and practical work.
  4. Complete a Social Media Portfolio and Resume.
  5. Complete 1800 clock hours.


Nebraska Licensing Requirements

To obtain a Cosmetology License in Nebraska, a student must:

  1. Have 1800 hours in an approved school with a diploma awarded upon graduation.
  2. Be seventeen years of age or older at the time of the State Board Exam.
  3. Pay application, examination, and/or license fees to the State of Nebraska.
  4. Have a high school diploma or proof of passing G.E.D.
  5. Complete and pass the Nebraska State Board Exam.

The Nebraska Board of Cosmetology may deny licensure to any persons having been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony. For complete information about specific licensing requirements in any state, assistance may be found by contacting SOHO Hair Academy.

Nebraska Campus Policies & Career Planning

Nebraska SOHO Hair Academy Student Catalog
Progress Reviews/Academic Counseling

At SOHO Hair Academy, we believe that progress reviews are an essential part of the student-instructor relationship. Our team takes great pride in working closely with each and every student, providing feedback and guidance along the way. Progress reviews allow us to evaluate a student’s progress and identify areas of opportunity. This helps us tailor our instruction to best meet the needs of each individual. All work is supervised, strong points emphasized, and areas of opportunity are worked on to bring them to an acceptable level. If problems arise regarding attendance, grades, technical or personal performance, students are counseled by staff to determine the reason and measures to be taken to correct the situation on an individual basis. By investing in our students’ success, we believe that every student has the ability to succeed, and we’ll do everything we can to help them reach their goals.

Facility and Equipment

Located in a suburban area of Northwest Omaha, just minutes off the Dodge Expressway, SOHO Hair Academy presents a boutique environment designed to inspire, challenge, and elevate the standard cosmetology education. Classroom and clinic space is thoughtfully crafted to evoke creativity and provide a Masterclass education.

Professional Dress Code

SOHO Hair Academy students are a reflection of the Academy and the professional beauty industry. It is important to maintain a professional appearance at all times, especially when you are representing yourself and your skills. When engaging in a service experience with a team it’s essential that the guests perceive the same level of professionalism from you through both words and actions. Students are to maintain their dress, shoes, hair, nails and makeup at a professional level at all times. Attractive appearance is stressed because it communicates success, team work, level of service and ability in business.

Smoke Free Campus

It is the policy of SOHO Hair Academy to comply with the Iowa Smokefree Air Act by declaring the entire grounds and property as a Smoke-Free Campus. This policy applies to all SOHO employees and students.

Drug-Free School/Workplace Statement

SOHO Hair Academy, complies with the Omnibus Drug Initiative Act of 1988, the Drug-Free Workplace Act (1988), and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (1989). These legislations provide the standards necessary to provide a drug-free environment for students and employees. 

Access & Release of Student Records (FERPA)

In reference to the right of privacy for students, SOHO Hair Academy will release information contained in the student’s cumulative record file only with the written authorization of the student (or parental guardian if the student is a dependent minor) for such a release except as required under federal, state, or local laws (i.e., government and accrediting agencies do not need expressed permission from a student to view student records). The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Except for the special conditions described below, a student (or Parent/Guardian of a dependent minor) must provide a signed and dated written consent before the Academy may disclose information from the student’s records. The consent must state the purpose of the disclosure, specify the records that may be disclosed and identify to whom the disclosure may be made. The Academy does not publish a directory of student information.

SOHO Policies Related to Absences

If a student in Foundations needs to request time off they must meet with an instructor or the Director for approval prior to their absence. We do not recommend missing any hours during Foundations training. Absences may result in an administrative suspension until the theory and practical material can be made up. This ensures the student’s competency before moving into the next segment of training. On some occasions the student may have to terminate and re-enroll when the required segment is available again. 

If a Senior student needs to request time off for any reason they must submit in writing a minimum of three days prior to the days the student will be absent. It is the student’s responsibility to meet the attendance requirements as stated in the Academy’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Tardy Policy

Early is on time! At SOHO Hair Academy, students have a responsibility to themselves, their instructors, their peers, and to the guests to be in the building, clocked-in and prepared for the day. As a professional it is the students responsibility to be here on time. 

In the event that you will be late, SOHO Hair Academy expects a call prior to the scheduled arrival time of 9:00 a.m. directed to 402-934-2000. SOHO Academy defines a tardy as arriving within the first 15 minutes of the scheduled start time. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to clock in. Students that arrive tardy more than three times will not be allowed to clock in.  In these instances, the student will be counted as absent for the day.

Personal Freedom Policy

We want to hold space for personal time that students may need to take for family, sick time, personal business and vacation. We expect that these days are planned in advance to honor the instructors and guests time. Senior cosmetology students are allowed 150 hours over the course of their program to be absent at no charge provided they remain at or above the required attendance rate of 84.6%.  Transfer student Freedom hours are prorated based on the number of transfer hours accepted. These personal days must be requested and approved in advance.

Transfer Students

A student wishing to transfer to SOHO Hair Academy should follow the enrollment procedure outlined above and provide official academic transcripts and documentation that all financial obligations have been met from each post-secondary institution previously attended. We do not and will not recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering a similar program of study. 

The Academy may accept credits and/or hours from cosmetology and/or barbering schools accredited by nationally or regionally accredited (i.e. NACCAS, or North Central Association) post-secondary institutions on a credit-for-credit, or hour-for-hour provided the credits or hours were earned with a passing grade and are verified by the State Barbering and Cosmetology  Board in the state in which the credits or hours were earned. 

Credits or hours earned in an unaccredited institution will be evaluated separately based on the recommendation of the State Barbering and Cosmetology Board and an examination of the transfer applicant’s skills and knowledge by the Academy Director. 

To be eligible for a diploma from SOHO Hair Academy,  a transfer student must meet all diploma requirements as stated under “Graduation Requirements”. There is no assumption made that hours earned in another institution shall be accepted on a credit-for-credit or hour-for-hour basis.

Career Planning + Employment Opportunities

There are many opportunities open to licensed cosmetologists. We’re committed to assist you in finding career opportunities after graduation through our relationships with locally owned metro area salons, corporate salons, salons from coast to coast, national distributors, global manufacturers,  international educational companies and our job postings resource. We’ll also train you in professionalism and job search skills, including resume writing, self-promotion, and interviewing. With our support, you’ll be ready to take your career to the next level!  While we will exert every effort to put the graduating senior in touch with the right employment opportunities, we cannot guarantee career placement, salary or the passing of State Board Examinations. Please note that in order to comply with various Federal, State, and Local agencies, SOHO Hair Academy is required to contact employers that employ our graduates to verify placement. 

Nebraska Pre-Enrollment Disclosures